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Paint with the pavement

Parking lot maintenance should be  top priority since parking lots are frequented by hundreds of motorists every day. Besides, the vehicular traffic in the parking lots rise during the peak hour making management of motorists a difficult task. Therefore, it is important that the parking lots have the right striping and pavement space for the motorists to easily manage the movement of vehicles. On most of the occasions, the striping on the pavement loses its paint owing to extensive movement of vehicles. It becomes all the more difficult when there is heavy movement of vehicles. This means that parking lot painting may have to occur up to three times a month.

Make sure that the stripes meant for the pavement are in accordance with the standard set. Check the local manual with the county before defining the space for the vehicles. This will give you a fair idea of the space meant for the pavement. The striping for the pavement should be very clear and not provide confusing guidelines to the motorist. Some times, parking lots and the parking lot painting job, are inspected by the local county officials. Therefore, they should be maintained round the clock irrespective of the flow of vehicles. Obtain certification for the quality of pavement strips.