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Paint them

Curb painting refers to painting the curb on the road. It is a standard practice in most major cities. There are many reasons for painting the curbs. The main reason for painting the curbs is to indicate the presence of the road edge. There are chances that car and vehicle drivers may be misdirected in the absence of curb paintings. Therefore, the paintings of the curbs have to be perfect.

The curbs that are painted in red color are used for emergencies by the local police or Fire department. Red paint is usually preferred to paint the curbs because of its attention grabbing color. Red paint reflects during daylight as well as in nights when vehicles are driven with their headlights on.

While driving, always look for the curb painting. Other colors can also be used for curb painting. Other than the red color, blue and green colors can also be used for curb painting. They add aesthetic value to the curbs. Do not use black color to curb the paints since people may not be able to see it at night.

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