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Paint parking lot stripes routinely

Every parking lot manager has to maintain the slots properly by painting them periodically. Any lapse in maintaining the parking lot could result in loss of customers apart from image. It could also lead to reprimanding. Therefore, parking lot painting should always be occurring. There are two approaches when it comes to parking lot painting. The first approach relates to painting the stripes at least three times a year during the seasonal changes. The second approach relates to maintaining the stripes by providing light touch of color at least three or four times a month.

While the repainting can be carried out using air spray, the touches can be done by the parking lot manager using regular brushes. The routine painting requires the services of a professional painter, whereas the maintenance work can be carried out by the parking lot manager using local assistance. The maintenance can be carried out during off hours when the movement of the cars into the parking lot is poor. The painting has to be carried out only after the dust and mud or soot is removed from the stripes. Ensure that the surface is clear before starting the light maintenance work. This has to be a regular process in order to avoid too much wear and tear.