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When you Need Pothole Repair

The decision to patch potholes is influenced by many factors:

  1. The level of traffic and effect on your tenants or customers
  2. The time until you need a scheduled rehabilitation or a complete overlay
  3. Availability of a good paving contractor
  4. Optimal weather conditions

Potholes are caused by moisture, freeze thaw action, traffic, poor underlying support, or combination of these factors. Pothole repair operations can be divided into two distinct periods. The winter repairs and spring repairs. Regardless of the climate conditions, highway agency, property managers and property owners must repair potentially hazardous potholes as soon as it becomes aware of them. Luckily for us in Southern California Paving is almost a year round service. If you have a pothole repair project you need looked at feel free to call Trueline today for an appointment. Our estimates can look at your project and make recommendations or provide you with a budget numbers.

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