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Managing traffic signals

Traffic signal installation is not sufficient to ensure effective traffic maintenance. The traffic sign ensures safe and orderly flow of traffic in the city. This maintenance program includes:

1. Traffic Sign Installation/Removal: This helps the city to be up-to-date with the current traffic flow. With the change in the traffic volume, speed and accidents, traffic signs need to be updated regularly. The Traffic and Parking Commission and the City Council authorize the installation or removal of these signs.

2. Traffic Sign Maintenance: This helps to ensure the functionality and reliability of the traffic sign system. The maintenance also includes evaluation of the existing reflectivity and visibility.

The Traffic and Parking Division gives the most importance on the maintenance of stop and yield signs. Other signs are given importance based on their impact on the normal safety of vehicular movement. The city’s Department of Engineering and Infrastructure has 24-hour service to take action for any problem that may arise with the stop and yield signs. Usually the stop or yield sign are replaced temporarily or permanently within just two hours of the lodged complaint.

Traffic signals are the difference between life and death. An effective traffic management system will encourage the people to adhere to it and follow the traffic rules effectively.

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