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Making your Parking Lot Safer: Detectible Warning Mats

Those of us who have no disabilities often do not think about the little things that can catch a person who has disabilities up. For us, stepping up onto a curb or walking down an incline onto a grate is simple. Someone who is visually impaired, however, may have a difficult time with these things, especially if they are in an area or at a business that they have never been to before. One way to make your parking lot safe, without having to make any drastic changes, is to bring in detectable warning mats.

Businesses that are redoing their paving often choose to have a bit of tactile paving done, allowing their handicapped customers or employees to have a better idea of what areas in the parking lot they need to be careful around. If you do not have the funds to change your entire parking lot around, or if you do not want to deal with the hassle, you can purchase detectible warning mats. These mats are thick and anchor to the ground easily, allowing you to make your business ADA approved without having to make large and drastic changes.