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Make it attractive

Parking lot painting refers to coloring the parking lot with attractive patterns and themes. Normally, all parking lots have uniform colors. However, the painting is used to distinguish the parking space meant for different categories of vehicles like cars, pick-up trucks, jeeps and station wagons.

The parking lots are colored in blue, white, yellow, and black. The color pattern is usually decided by the parking authorities. The colors have to be universally appealing to the car owners and drivers. The colors and patterns are meant to convey messages to the car owners.

The paintings can also be used for writing messages in the parking lots. For instance, white paint can be used for messages ‘park your car here’ and red paint can be used to indicate ‘do not park you car here’. yellow paint can be used to demarcate parking slots for different cars.

The background of the parking lots can also be painted for visual enhancement. The parking lot paintings are generally graffiti with lots of colors thrown in. There are perfect color schemes or themes for the parking lot painting. No general rules are followed in parking lot painting. The paints are available in all the leading retail stores. Choose the best color that matches the parking lot background.

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