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Maintenance of stripes is must

Maintaining the parking lot is very essential, considering that most parking lots are used hundreds of motorists every day. If the parking lot is not maintained properly, then there could be serious problems. In an effort to avoid all these issues, it is advised that parking lot managers pay attention to the parking lots without fail. Everyday, the maintenance of the parking lots have to be carried out. This is a high priority job particularly for parking lot managers in the metropolitan areas. Therefore, attach utmost importance to maintain all parking lots.

Parking lot striping is a critical component of keeping the parking lots clear. As per rules, at least, fifty per cent of the parking lot should be earmarked for parking the vehicles. It is also mandatory that the rest of the space be utilized for the movement of vehicles. It is necessary that adequate space is set aside for movement of vehicles within the parking lot to avoid congestion during peak traffic hours. Here, the parking lot striping should help to guide the motorist in the right lane. Take care to ensure that the stripes are maintained properly without losing any paint.