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Long Lines

Have you ever had to stand in a long line? It is extremely annoying to stand in a long line, or to be in a store and to not be sure where to go when you want to find something specific. This is one reason that most stores now have overhead signs directing their patrons to the right area, and a reason that they have begun to use self-checkout lines and other methods to shorten the waiting lines in their stores. Did you realize, however, that having an efficient parking lot is just as important to your clients as having an efficient store is?

If your clients and patrons are unable to see the parking lot striping that tells them where to park, they will start parking all over the place, making for a very disorganized parking lot. If they do not have signs in each area to help them identify where they parked their car, they may avoid going to your store again, equating your parking lot with a disaster area. It is just as important that you get your parking lot in order and organized as it is that you get your store orderly. With the proper parking lot striping, you can make all of your customers happy!