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Parking lots are now an integral part of any growing city. The parking lots are meant for parking vehicles. As per city planning rules, a parking lot should be established in every county depending on the number of vehicular population. When the parking lots are created, a set of rules is evolved to govern the functioning of the parking lots. According to the rules, there are certain guidelines laid down for parking lot painting.

The parking lot painting refers to colors that differentiate the parking space. Normally three colors are used in the parking lot to differentiate the parking space. The first color is used to mark the entry point of the parking lot. The second paint defines the area meant to park the cars. The third paint indicates the exit point of the vehicles. Usually, a fourth color is used to indicate messages to the vehicle drivers in the parking lot.

The color combination for the parking lot painting depends on the choice of the parking lot operator. Normally, red denotes danger and should be used only to warn vehicles owners from straying out of the parking zone. White paint can also be used since they are reflective in nature during nights.

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