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Is Your Traffic Flowing?

If you’ve got a parking garage or a parking lot, it is important to ask yourself one question, “is my traffic flowing?” In order to make it easy to understand how the flow of traffic can affect your business, think about a great amusement park ride. It used to be that you would have to stand in line, completely still, for a half hour at a time or more. Now, however, the lines are longer, but they are continually moving, winding around until you eventually get to the entrance. This has made people feel as though they’re actually getting somewhere, when the wait time may be exactly the same as it was before. Because you’re moving, however, you have much more tolerance.

Parking lot striping is an important aspect of parking lots and garages. Parking lot striping can affect the flow of your parking lot or garage immensely, and may cause you to have frustrated customers if the flow is now done correctly. In order to get your parking lot flowing right, make sure you have an experienced professional look over the lot to see exactly what can be changed.