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Illegal Curb Painting?

Curb painting sounds like an easy business to get into, but there have been those who discovered that it was not as easy as it looked. In 2006, residents of Oakland, CA, discovered that they were lucky to not be in trouble. They received fliers in their mail boxes by a company that was offering to repaint curbside house numbers. Something, however, seemed strange, so the residents contacted the local police, who said that they were right to contact the police.

The fliers that offered the curb painting services was not from a genuine curb painting company, but was instead from a company that was looking just for money. The flier asked residents to leave a donation by the curb and that the curb painting would be done and the donation picked up. There was no contact information and it was discovered that, in Oakland, you needed to have a special permit in order to paint the sidewalk. This is why curb painting is not something that just anyone can get into, and needs to be done by a qualified company.