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How Important is Warehouse Floor Striping?

There have been a number of people lately asking why warehouse floor striping is important. Case in point? This email:

“I’ve got a warehouse, but everything seems to run smoothly. My employees have never complained about having a problem, and I don’t think that warehouse floor striping is a necessity for my business.”

If your warehouse is flowing smoothly right now, congratulations! Chances are fairly high, however, that the only reason that its flowing so well is because you have had the same employees there for a number of years and they know how to work well together. Add a new employee into the mix, and it may take awhile for that employee to figure out how your warehouse flows. The easiest way to make it a gentle transition for any new employee is through getting warehouse floor striping done. Warehouse floor striping is very easy to do, and can be fairly inexpensive, and can keep things much more organized than you would ever believe. If you believe warehouse striping isn’t for you, step back for a moment and think about how an employee who just joined your team would feel.