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How do I get Paint to stick to concrete?

Paint Won’t Stick?

This week, a curious customer from Houston, Texas contacted us with questions about striping in a parking garage.  She is currently experiencing a problem that many property managers encounter with parking garages and warehouses that have smooth concrete surfaces.  Her pedestrian path of travel, near the main entrance, is wearing and disappearing at an accelerated rate.  With some a quick Q & A, we were able to trouble shoot her striping dilemma and provide her with a solution.

We recommend that the striper she hires uses a white two part epoxy paint or a polyurethane product.  Yellow or white will function.  However, in addition to using a durable paint product,  we suggested preparing the surface via etching to create a surface which the paint will properly bond.

The best procedure to use for etching the surface would entail Shotblasting.  A good striper will know this procedure and will be able to include this service in his contract. In most cases, striping on a smooth concrete surface will not be guaranteed without shot blasting.  Sans shotblasting, the surface is too smooth and the paint will simply scrape off the surface.

We also advised that epoxy paints need time to set-up.  If your parking garage, or warehouse, is closed on the weekends, it would be best to shotblast on an early Saturday morning and stripe the same day.  This will allow the paint to set-up till Monday morning.  However, if your garage, or warehouse, is always open then the striping may have to be completed in multiple phases.  This of course would increase the cost due to additional trips.

Another factor we suggested was to keep in mind is that she may want to apply a compatible and transparent sealer to the striping after it has been set up.  This will help protect the paint.  This does, however, add more logistical issues.  In many cases, the sealer cannot be applied until twenty four hours after the epoxy paint has been striped.

Lastly, once her project is completed, we recommend that an in-house maintenance staff, or a janitorial service, occasionally cleans the striping with some hot water and soap.  This will keep any sort of grease, dirt, or markings to cling to the striping and keep it looking fresh.

With this sound advice, she felt confident to contact a local striper with prepared questions and a bit of education for parking garage striping.

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