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How can Wheel stops be effective?

The most common functions of the Wheel stops are to stop traffic either in a cordoned off road, or separate incoming traffic from the outgoing ones, they are used in parking lots and they are also used by the mechanics when the vehicle is being repaired. Wheel stops are also used as a precautionary mark to prevent vehicles from parking too close to side walks, pavements or buildings and to reduce the speed of the vehicles at the entry to the parking lots.

The wheel stops need to be designed in a way that can make their job effective. A good wheel stop must be high enough that it can effectively block the wheel from going over it, including four wheel drives, but it should at the same time be of a height that would not damage a vehicle’s bumper. Wheel stops should also be such that they are not easily moved by persons insistent on passing through forbidden entry ways.

The wheel stops could be installed on a permanent basis or on a temporary basis. However, it is advisable to have wheel stops on a temporary basis since they have to be used at multiple locations.