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Horror Stories of Parking Lot Painting

We’ve all seen it: the nightmare that happens when a parking lot manager decides to take it upon himself to stripe the parking lot. Sometimes the spaces are too close together, other times the spaces are spaced so far apart that you could fit two mini-vans in them with enough room to comfortably maneuver around. And then there are the horrors that occur when a manager decides to take the words “parking lot painting” literally by sneaking into the parking lot in the middle of the night to paint the lines with a bucket of paint and paintbrush.

Some things are better done by experts, and parking lot painting is one of them. It takes experience and a gift with math to be able to lay out a parking lot in a way that makes it not only easy for people to maneuver around in, but also is organized and user-friendly. Those managers that try to save money often wind up costing the company money, and possibly costing themselves their job. If you’re interested in having your parking lot painted and done correctly, it is best to contact a professional parking lot painter.