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Happy Halloween from Trueline!

It’s Halloween! The most enjoyable of days for children and the most feared day for dentists. Today, we’re not going to talk about parking lot striping or about warehouse striping, but instead about what you can do to make Halloween a great day for your employees and for children.

1. Try dressing up! You may feel silly at first, but letting your employees dress up is a great way to make things fun and to make your customers giggle a little, which is sure to make them think highly of your company.

2. Give out stuff! Candy is, of course, preferable, but if you own an electric company, try giving out light bulbs. Anything that promotes your company is a great thing to give out to your customers.

3. Keep the candy, however, for kids. Halloween + children = candy. This is an equation you need to remember. Always ask the parent, however, if it is alright for their child to have a piece from your candy stash.

4. Consider staying open for trick or treaters! Some of the most successful companies stay open until 9 pm or so in order to cater to trick or treaters.

Stay safe this Halloween and remember to have fun! Happy Halloween from Trueline!