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Guidelines for traffic sign installation

Traffic sign installation is normally a straightforward process. One would however need to observe certain general rules and guidelines set by the relevant states when setting about on traffic sign installations.

Generally, the traffic sign must be installed at a distance that is safely away from oncoming vehicular traffic. It should likewise be out of the way of pedestrian paths, and must be securely attached so that no accidents should very readily occur – normally at least three feet of pole is secured beneath the ground surface for adequate pole support.

Some states also specify that the sign posts must be specifically treated to withstand adverse weather condition. In addition, the paint used must also be approved by the traffic department or other agency within the government concerned. Traffic signals would sometimes be required to be marked with black and white alternating strips of a specified width each and up until a specified height. In Washington, for example, city regulations require that traffic signposts be painted red and white with alternating red and white strips one foot each. Washington also specifies that the traffic sign itself must be a minimum of two feet away from the face of the curb.