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Guidelines for parking lot painting

Parking lots are now an integral part of any city with large vehicular population. When parking lots are created, a set of rules is evolved to govern the functioning of the parking lots.

According to the rules, there are certain guidelines laid down for parking lot painting.
Normally, three colors are used in parking lot painting to differentiate the parking space. The first color is used to mark the entry point of the parking lot. The second paint defines the area meant to park the cars. The third paint indicates the exit point of the vehicles. Usually, a fourth color is used to indicate messages to the vehicle drivers in the parking lot. Normally, bright colors are used for these three blocks.

While the colors used in the parking lot painting, even the paints used are a crucial factor. Most of the times it is preferred to use state approved paints as these tend to last longer. One would require verifying if the paint used is up to the standards required by the local city.
So while people take for granted the parking lots they use every day, the truth is that painting a parking lot is often times not as simple as it looks.