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Going Designer with Parking Lot Striping Los Angeles

What is LA known for? Designer everything. Almost everything in LA is designer this or designer that. The reason that most stores choose to go designer, is because those stores that do often find that they get more upper class clientele, therefore getting more revenue and having a nicer quality of customers as well. It’s easy to make the inside of your store look designer, but is it possible to make the outside of your store look designer as well?

Actually, it is, and the first place to start is with your parking lot striping. Los Angeles parking lots are often fairly crowded, especially if they are in a nicer part of town. A lot of people complain about the lack of space and about having to park their cars in small slots. Parking lot striping in Los Angeles can be designer, if you choose to have your parking lot striping “designer” create larger, wider spaces than average, making it easier for your customers to park their cars and keeping them happy. You may sacrifice a few parking lot spaces, but you will make up for it with extremely loyal customers.