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Follow the rules

Traffic sign installation refers to traffic posts installed at signal and traffic junctions to enable vehicles to cross over directions. Traffic sign installations are part of any city and town with large vehicle population. Traffic sign installations are basically aimed at regulating the traffic and movement of vehicles on the city streets.

It is mandatory for all vehicle owners and drivers to follow the traffic rules. Violating the traffic rules could invite penalty from the cops. Repeated violation of traffic rules and jumping traffic sign installations could end with the driver losing the license for a brief period. A serious violation could also mean losing the license for a longer period. Worst case scenario the license could be suspended for even a year.

The traffic sign installations are erected by the local police department. The location is selected after consulting the local county administration. People, including local residents, are also consulted by the police for installing traffic sign.

Apart from traffic lamp posts, traffic sign installation is carried out in pedestrian crossing areas, schools zones, no honking zones, residential areas, no noise pollution zone and so on. The locations of these sign posts have to be carefully chosen after consulting the local residents.

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