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Evaluating the need for traffic sign installation

The installation of a traffic sign in a specified area should be a practical one. Traffic signs are primarily used to guide the motorist safely towards his destination. Often the request for a traffic sign installation has to be verified for its practicality and its suitability before it can be agreed whether or not the traffic sign installation is to be approved.

You might find, therefore that while your neighbor may be complaining endlessly for a safety crossing traffic sign installation outside his or her home, it is a number of factors which would be considered to determine whether or not this request is a justifiable one.

In considering the request, one of the biggest influences is the number of requests received and by the number of people who wish for the traffic sign installation. If the same person applied over and over the request may more likely go unheeded as opposed to an entire community making the same request.

The risk factors must also be considered for the area – what has been the accident incidence recently and how would the traffic sign help in such a case? Are there other alternatives besides a traffic sign installation? One would also agree that landmarks nearby would influence the decision – after all, with a traffic light nearby there should be no need to install a traffic sign which says caution or slow down.