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Essentials of Parking lot striping

We all know that parking lots do need maintenance from time to time. One well known maintenance technique is parking lot striping, which adds a nicer look to the existing parking lot.

Parking lot striping needs to be done every one or two years. Before the striping is started, it is important to check if the parking lot needs any changes to it.

By using high quality paints during striping we can ensure that it lasts long. The lines have to be as bright as possible as these will direct drivers to the places they are supposed to go all the times. Also, the proper signs must be displayed on the parking lots as well i.e. loading zone, handicapped signs etc. while parking lot striping is done.

The final stage of the parking lot striping is to put up barricades so that the vehicles don’t enter and exit from there. It is advisable not to drive on the parking lot till it has fully dried and this would take approximately 30 minutes to do so.

A parking lot is the first thing that the customer sees and parking lot striping can lead to a positive impression of the overall business.