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Traffic sign installation
refers to signage posted by the local transport authorities in association with the local county administration on roads. The traffic signs have to be seriously followed by the vehicle users. A violation of the traffic sign could mean penalty for the vehicle drivers.

Normally, traffic signs are displayed on metal and wooden installations. The signs indicate zones meant for parking, not parking, motels, hotels, telephone availability, water, gas stations and tourist lodges. These signs come in different colors basically to denote the variation in the meaning. The signage should be in pictures as well as text format. It should be displayed in such a manner that it should be easily understood by an average driver.

The traffic sign installation will be carried out by agencies and firms and specializing in them. Contracts are given by the local county administration to these agencies to carry out the installation work. It is also the job of these firms to maintain the traffic sign installations till the contract period expires.

The traffic signs are either in the form of painting or stickers. Both are used depending on the weather conditions of the area. Most counties prefer painting since it is long lasting when compared to stickers.

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