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Doggie Parking and Parking Lot Striping

Have you thought about the animals outside of your company? Some commercial businesses don’t think about pets, and focus only on the human traffic that they get. But, if you’ve got pedestrian traffic coming into your store, chances are that you’ve got people who would want to bring their pets with them. People love their animals, and dogs are especially fun to walk. If you don’t have a place for your customer’s dog to rest at, you may be missing out on some potential customers and losing money. How can you welcome animals to your store without actually bringing them into your store?

One way to do it is to use parking lot striping to help you to create a doggie parking lot. There are a number of doggie parking apparatuses that you can purchase and place outside of your business. These apparatuses allow people to literally park their dogs outside of the building by providing places to tie the leashes. The next time you have your parking lot striping done, you can then choose to mark down the area on the sidewalk where your dogs are, allowing your customers, and the dogs to be extremely happy.