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Do Truncated Domes Need to be Brightly Colored?

Is it really necessary to have truncated domes painted bright yellow? After all, they are mainly designed to help those who are unable to see or have limited visibility. Some businesses wonder if it’s really necessary to paint the truncated domes yellow, or if any other color can be used, perhaps a color that will match the outside of the company and the building or a color that will blend in better with the pavement or sidewalk.

While it’s not necessary to have truncated domes painted bright yellow, it is a good idea to have them painted a bright color. Truncated domes are meant for the disabled, but they are also in sight of those who can see as well. Painting truncated domes a bright color makes them easier to spot and makes it easier for those who are walking to not trip over the bumps of the domes. And those who have a harder time seeing, but who can still see are better able to see visual cues are often able to see brighter colors easier than they are able to see those that blend in, making getting a brightly colored truncated dome a very good idea.