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Different Kinds of Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is not just the act of putting parking lot spaces in their designated areas, it is the act of making your parking lot look neat, tidy, and easily understandable by your guests. Parking lot striping involves a number of different types of markings, including:

• Crosswalks – if your guests have to cross a busy area, they will need a crosswalk to do so safely.
• Loading Zones – loading zones are important to paint in, especially if you are going to be having deliveries on a regular basis.
• Handicapped spaces – handicapped people need special spaces so that they can easily access your store. They need to be close to the handicapped access area into your building and wide enough to accommodate special needs vans.
• Directional signs – it is important, especially if your customers have to travel anywhere around your parking lot, to give them easily readable signs. These signs may just be arrows, or may include lots of words.

Parking lot striping is not just the act of placing a few vertical and horizontal lines, but is, instead, the act of organizing your lot so that your customers, and clients, are comfortable and will enjoy their experience at your place of business.