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Curb Painting – Serious and with a purpose.

In one country, you might find the curbs painted in black and white, whereas in another country, you are bound to see something different. This is because different countries have different policies regarding curb painting. There are some towns where the size and width of the painting on the curb is specified. This makes it difficult for the person who’s taken up the task of putting down the addresses as they need to be very specific. And in case they don’t follow the guidelines, they are bound to lose their job and might have to pay a fine. No matter what is painted on the curb, it is the painters fault and not the home owners’.

Some people are very wary of curb painting students, and they are justified in this. It is so because if the painting is not done correctly, they could end up searching for the person who did it.. For the student, it would have simply been a hobby or part time project and he might not even be from that locality. In such cases, the home owner will have to spend on clearing this paint and getting a fresh one done, which would take time.