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Curb Painting – Seek and find on the curb

Curb painting is not as easy as it sounds, or looks. In fact, it involves a lot of preparation and planning before one can get down to the actual painting. The local corporation body controls this project so they can keep watch on the quality of paint jobs carried out. They will also be able to identify the painters who are doing a good job and those who aren’t. The curbs that have been painted, need to be touched upon every couple of weeks to make sure the numbers don’t fade away. Also, the colors used need to be white and black only so they are visible and easily readable.

The numbers written on the curb indicate the address of the house right next to it, and this serves as a guide for people new to the town. In case a person is searching for a house; they can follow the curb painting and find their way. There are some roads where the curbs are simply painted black and white. This is an indication for the vehicles on the road to be aware of the curb and not try to squeeze in through the gap in the street corner.