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Curb painting regulations

Many people are not aware that different states specify curb painting standards for all addresses painted on the curbs in front of people’s homes. While you may be able to get away with a bright colored address painted on your own curb, or more specifically, while the curb painter may be able to get away with such a job in one state, it may not be acceptable in another.

Often it is the curb painter and not the person whose curb was painted that gets into trouble for a painted curb. But often too once a person voluntarily paints a curb, then there is no way to track him after to hold him accountable for his actions. This is why many states are now demanding that all persons painting curb – whether voluntarily or not – must possess a curb painting permit. In addition, such persons are sometimes required to have property liability insurance to cover the damage that they might inflict upon other people’s properties.

One of the other regulations about curb painting that states are now enforcing is that only addresses be painted on curbs, and only in such formats where the address is in white paint with a black backdrop or vice versa.