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Curb Painting – Paint and earn some extra

If you could paint the curbs on your street and earn some money, wouldn’t that make life easier? Well, this is at thought that enters most college student’s mind when they are looking for a way to make some extra money. If they are interested in working couple of hours every day painting curbs, they could manage to save up enough to buy whatever they have been longing for. All they need to do, is approach the local governing board, and make an application. Once this is cleared, they will officially have a permit and can go about painting the curbs around their neighborhood. They can even try their luck in other neighborhoods, if they home owners have no problem, they have the chance to earn more money.

Curb painting involves painting the curbs in front of the houses with the address numbers. No other patterns, or advertisement are allowed on these and one must follow the rules laid down by the board on the same. If they are able to complete the given task in lesser hours, they not only have earned enough but have some free time as well to either go catch a game or head home.