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Curb Painting – Numbers on the walls of the road

When walking along the street, we notice different numbers and names painted on the walls near the pavements. These are called curb painting and are a way of indicating what the road is or the building near it is and made using concrete or asphalt these are right next to the sidewalk, and are like a small raised wall. Towards the end of the road or near a drive way, we will notice that the curb will slope downwards and meet the roads, this is called a curb cut. The curb is also the reason why many accidents are avoided, especially for those on the bikes.

There are some curb painting that display the name of the house or the door number in bold visible fonts for passerby to identify the address. There are also curbs that are painted in bright red to indicate a no parking zone, and similarly there are other colors for different kinds of parking practices. Just by looking at the color, one can identify the zone and park accordingly. Curb painting is becoming a popular business these days with people taking it up as a part time employment and earning decent incomes through the same.