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Curb Painting – Make a little extra money, paint the curbs.

Talking about creative ways to earn some pocket money should include taking up curb painting projects. All it requires is a couple of hours every week and the ability to travel from one area to the other. A person needs basic paints, black and white color, and a good stencil and of course, the permission from the home owners to paint their curb. Once these are obtained, one can go about painting the numbers on the curbs. But, they need to make sure to adhere to the font and style allowed as people might follow the numbers on the curb when in search of a house.

The curb painting tools and technique are in fact taught in many small institutions where they guide people on various options available to earn a little extra income. Especially for students, if they are given, it is a motivational factor and they learn to deal with different kinds of people. Spending minimum time and making good money is what makes this a fun job for many. If the person is able to put in more hours, the amount he can earn at the end of the week could be what some make in a month.