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Curb painting in different states

Curb painting is not as straightforward a job as is sounds. In fact, some states do not even allow curb painting as a professional profit-making business outside of the states themselves; that is to say, some states specify routine curb painting by government officials only on a specified rotational business contracts. Such a service may or may not be free of charge to the concerned parties. Not all states restrict the curb painting business. By contracting individuals or companies to carry about curb painting on a contractual basis, other states are able to get the job efficiently done without paying for it themselves.

One of the reasons why few states hold such a tight leash on the curb painting industry is so that they would be able to monitor the type and quality of paints used. Independent contractors may resort to such attempts as using low or cheap quality paints which would not last a long time so that they would get contracts sooner to re-do the same job again with additional pay. By removing the choice of the independent contractor entirely, one is able to control both the quality of job obtained and the efficiency with which it is obtained, both with respect to money and time.