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Curb Painting – Follow the rules, else you might end up on the curb

For a person to take up curb painting as a business or for students who want to get into a part time job, they will first need to get the permission of the residents in the area. One must note that only addresses cane be painted on the curb and that too, in large legible patterns. Training is given to those interested to master this art and through this, they can earn their income. There are certain rules to be followed such as the height of the numbers, painted must be 4inches at least, and the colors of black or white can only be used. If the number is painted incorrectly, changes need to be made within couple of days or else they could get into trouble.

Advertisements are not to be painted, as these are violation of the law. During the curb painting process and afterwards, the people who have taken up this contract need to carry with them the permit documents. This is to make sure that there are no illegal curb painters about. Unless permission has been given by the home or office owner one can’t paint any other signs or numbers on the curb.