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Curb Painting – Background Colors

Have you ever put black against gray? It is a bit noticeable, but may be hard to see, especially if you’re looking at things that are stenciled. Here is a frequent scenario:

A homeowner decides that he wants to have some curb painting done in front of his house, to make it easier for his friends and family to see his home. He purchases an “all inclusive” kit and begins to paint. A short while later he realizes that he can’t even tell what the numbers are when he’s five feet from them, much less if he were to be speeding by in a vehicle!

This is a common problem and is another reason why it is so important to have a professional do your curb painting for you. Without the proper background, the numbers and letters are impossible to see. Once the right background and letters are paired together, the address is easy to read and can even be seen in the dark! If you do not want to find yourself with a messed up curb, it is vital that you speak with a curb painting professional, who can help you to make your home look exactly the way you would like it to.