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Curb Painting as an Easy Business Venture?

If you’ve been searching for curb painting online, you likely have seen that there are plenty of websites out there who claim that you can begin curb painting as an easy and profitable business venture. They say on these websites that it is an easy business to begin, and that it requires little capital, or knowledge, to begin. While some of this may be true, not all of it is.

It does not cost a fortune to begin a curb painting business if you are planning on painting everything by hand. Unfortunately when you paint by hand the numbers and letters do not come out even, making it look sloppy and unprofessional. In order to have a good curb painting business you need to have people who will hire you. If you’re planning on doing just curb painting, you may have a difficult time finding a constant flow of clientele. Those who do curb painting as well as other painting, such as parking lot striping, have a larger clientele base to fall back on. The bottom line is that curb painting is not as easy of a business venture as many websites make it out to be.