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Curb Painting – A nice business idea.

For those who want to earn some quick money without spending much and without any special skills then curb painting is a nice option. Curb painting refers to coloring the edges of the roads and parking lots as per the specification of the customer.

You can either work for the local municipality, because curb painting is a routine affair carried out round the year or you can start a business of your own and secure contracts from the local municipal office to paint the curbs every year.

In case you want to start the curb painting business, you can do so with very less money and the profits are high in this business because the market for this is huge. Moreover, there are no special skills required for this business. The one thing mandatory is that you need to hold a permit for curb painting. In addition, you are sometimes required to have property liability insurance to cover the damage that you might inflict upon other people’s properties.

If it’s your business, you are the boss and your work is also very flexible, but then the more you paint, the more you make money.