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Crack Cleaning & Repair FAQ

Crack Cleaning What You Need To Know | FAQ

Crack repair preparation procedures are the techniques used to clean and/or dry crack channels to attain the best conditions possible for the material to be placed.  It is the most important aspect of sealing and filling operations because a high percentage of treatment failures are adhesion failures that result from dirty and/or moist crack channels.

The four primary procedures used in preparing crack channels are as follows:

  • Airblasting
  • Hot airblasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Wirebrushing

Airblasting may be done either with a portable backpack or power driven blowers or high pressure air compressors with hoses and wands.

Hot airblasting is performed with a hot compressed air lance, or heat lance, connected to a compressed air unit. This form of Crack repair preparation is quite effective at removing dirt, debris, and laitance.

Sandblasting is a labor intensive operation that is quite effective at removing debris, laitance, and loosened AC fragments from the sidewalls of most cracks. This equipment consists of a compressed air unit, a sandblast machine, hoses, and a wand with a venturi type nozzle. A second air compressor is often necessary for follow-up cleaning after the sandblasting operation.

Wire brushing is quite effective at removing debris lodged in the crack reservoir, but not as effective at removing laitance and loosened AC fragments from the crack sidewalls.

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