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Curb Painting & Painting

Curb Striping Done Right!

Maintaining the curb painting in your parking lot enforces designated parking and non-parking areas. For example, red curb is painted to deter vehicles from parking in fire lanes or no parking zones. On the other hand, blue curb helps enforce parking for disabled parking; whereas, yellow and green curb are utilized to specify loading zone areas and visitor/timed parking.

Fire Lane Striping / Curb Painting

Fire lane Striping and curb painting is one of the many curb painting service we offer. It is special because there are many local laws that need to be observed when getting it done. Along with the curb striping there is stenciling and sign work that typically needs to go with curb painting services. Tow Away zones are another area of need. We understand the diffaculties that go along with trying to get your tenents and residents to cooperate with parking policies. If you have a local parking lot and needs some help feel free to call one of our experts today and hear there advice.

Malls & Home Owner Associations Curbs

These types of facilities require a special attention and experience that only comes with time. Malls, Shopping Centers and HOA’s have many people on them. When working around people curb striping and painting can be a costly liability. Trueline Striping has an 18 year track record of safety and caution. This is because we know how quickly one slip on wet paint can potentially cost a company millions. We also have methods down to not only get the job done quickly and neatly but we also have a large selection of paint to fit each projects need. From rapid dry paints to two part epoxies, we understand curb striping is not a one product for all service. We also can stencils on curbs, and we can clean and or sandblast curbs in house. Trueline also offers a large selection of maintenance plans for your curbs. Discounts can be applied to annual, semiannual and by-annual plans. Fell free to call us today toll free for more information at 800-603-1116.

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