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Colors Matter

Have you ever taken a minute or two to look at the colors in a parking lot? There are a few different colors that you will see in most parking lots, and the colors that are laid down during parking lot striping are extremely important. They not only have to be bright and visible, but they also have to be colors that are associated with specific things.

For instance, the color red is associated with bad things. This is why red stripes are laid down during parking lot striping to help tell drivers that they should not enter a specific area. Green is a color that is associated with go, which is why some parking lot managers choose to have a bright green color laid down when they are trying to direct the traffic a specific direction. Almost all parking lot spots are yellow, mainly because this is a very easy-to-see color on almost all asphalt. Having the right colors put in place when you are having your parking lot striping done is important, and be sure to ask the company you hire if they have any suggestions, as they’ve likely been striping for a long time and will be able to offer you some sound advice.