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Choose the best color

Parking lot painting refers to the color pattern followed by the parking lot operators to distinguish areas meant for different categories of cars. The painting of the parking lot is carried out by the parking lot operators.

Painting is carried out for three separate blocks within the parking lot. The first painting is meant to guide the cars to the parking lot concerned. The second painting pattern indicates the spot for parking the car. The third painting leads the vehicles out of the parking lot. In other words, the painting indicates the exit route for the vehicles.

It is better if three different colors are adopted for the three blocks. Normally, bright colors are used to indicate the three blocks. Bright lights are used since they reflect optimally to the headlights of the vehicles, especially during nights.

Choose colors like white, yellow, red and blue to indicate the three separate blocks. To mark the outer edges of the parking lot, use colors like red. This color means danger. It sends an easy message to the vehicle drivers to keep their vehicles within the specified space. Red color can also be painted to separate the emergency parking spots of the parking lot.

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