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Celebrity Accidents

Are you a tabloid reader? Even if you’re not, you have probably heard about the massive amounts of accidents that celebrities are getting into lately. Some of them are getting into car accidents because they do not know how to properly drive, but there are those who are getting into accidents simply because they were not able to easily see the parking lot striping on the road or in the lot that they were trying to park in. This is a very real problem, especially in California, that plagues all drivers, not just celebrities.

A lot of parking lot managers and city officials do not realize how often parking lot striping has to be applied. If you are in a busy area, it should be applied at least twice a year, if not more. Some places apply the striping up to four times a year, just to ensure that the drivers are easily able to see the parking lot striping. Another problem is that many parking lot managers try to save money by doing the striping themselves. This almost always ends in disaster, as they do not know how to properly lay out the parking lot to ensure that there is enough room for all of the vehicles.