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Wheel stops – Stop right here please

Just like how a door stopper is used to stop movement of a door in the house, the wheel stops are used to stop cars and other big vehicles. These are used as a safety precaution in buildings where there are lawns or parks near the parking area. In places like hospitals or schools, where… Read More

Wheel stops – The wheel stops right here.

In order to protect the pavement and to prevent people from parking their vehicles too close to the curb, wheel stops have been created and put in place. These are basically used to stop the vehicle from going any further, just as the name states, to stop the wheel. In case of buildings which have… Read More

Wheel Stops-Parking without worrying

Wheel stops made of hard rubber, steel or fiberglass are a great replacement for the concrete wheel stops that were generally used in the parking lots. Wheel stops can serve the requirements of parking lots parking cars, trucks, vans and Rvs. There are models of wheel stops from different manufacturers, which are small but have… Read More

Stop there

Wheel stops refer to artificial blocks meant to stop vehicles from moving up or down the gradient. Normally, wheel stops are placed in front or back of the tires whenever repairs of the vehicles are being carried out. Placing wheel stops helps the mechanics in ensuring that the vehicles remain immobile. This will assist them… Read More