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Parking Stall Painting and you!

If your reading this, its probably for one of a few reasons. 1.) You want to more information about local parking lot striping companies. 2.) You are interested in obtaining information or a price for your next parking lot maintenance project. Either way, you came to the right place! At Trueline Striping, we try and… Read More

The Overlooked Structure: Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are often ignored in parking lots and parking garages, when, in fact, they are an extremely important part of any garage or parking lot! Without wheel stops, those who are parking in your garage may find themselves parking incorrectly and hitting another vehicle. Wheel stops not only help to provide structure for your… Read More

Wheel Stops: To Paint or Not To Paint

Some business owners ponder if they should paint wheel stops or not. They have very valid arguments against painting their wheel stops, some of which include: • A waste of money. It’s just a piece of concrete, why should you have to pay to have it painted? • It’s just paint, and they feel that… Read More

The Lifespan of Wheel Stops

Everything breaks down over time, even wheel stops. The bad thing about wheel stops breaking down is that, if they are allowed to break down enough, the rebar shows and they can become very dangerous. If you allow your wheel stops to break down extensively, you will find that you have rebar coming out of… Read More

Wheel Stops: Concrete or Rubber?

The old standby for wheel stops is concrete. You can walk into almost any parking lot or parking garage and find concrete wheel stops in their usual place. Wheel stops are essential to have in your parking lot or parking garage, as they can help keep people, and property, safe. But did you know that… Read More

Wheel Stops: Breaking Down

Many people believe that anything that is made from concrete will last for forever. Unfortunately, this is not so. Concrete, just like most other materials, is apt to break down over time, and the more it is used, the quicker it will break down. The same holds true for wheel stops. Most parking lot managers… Read More

Wheel Stops Are Extremely Important

Wheel Stops serve a very important function when they are being used in a parking lot. They not only help those parking in your parking lot know where they should park and how far they should pull in, they also help to prevent damage to property, including other vehicles and landscapes. They may even help… Read More

Too High or Too Low: Wheel Stops

You’ve got two children in the back seat of your vehicle and you’re trying to park your car so that you can get the grocery shopping done as quickly as possible. You pull into a parking lot and the next thing you know, everyone’s head goes flying forward because you were unable to see the… Read More

Getting It All Done – Wheel Stops and More

You’ve purchased the land and have decided to build a parking lot or large parking garage. Owning a place where you can charge for parking is one way to earn quite a bit of cash, especially if you own a parking lot in an area that attracts tourists or where there are very few lots… Read More

A Wheel Stop By Any Other Name

Have you ever given much of a thought to what keeps your vehicle from rolling away when you park it in a parking garage or in a parking lot? Wheel stops are sometimes known by other names, such as parking bumpers or parking blocks, but are beneficial to have placed in your parking lot or… Read More

Placement of Wheel Stops

When you are planning a parking lot, whether you are planning one from scratch or are re-designing one, do you ever think about the wheel stops? Wheel stops are an integral part of any parking lot, just as getting the lines painted correctly is an integral part. Wheel stops not only help people to keep… Read More

Painted Wheel Stops?

So you know that wheel stops exist in order to keep your vehicle from crashing into someone else’s, especially when it is parked, but what is the purpose of painting wheel stops? After all, why would you need to paint a large object that is made of concrete or wood? Painting wheel stops isn’t just… Read More