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Curb painting do’s & dont’s

If your a property owner or manager, you may want to consider getting your curbs painted. After all, this is a fairly inexpensive way to add a ton of curb appeal to your property. Many of our customers use curb painting to add some last minute appeal to their properties before a big event starts… Read More

Curb Painting Scams

You’re at home when suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is someone standing there asking if you’d like to have curb painting done in front of your home. They only want to charge you $25 or so and, since it seems like such a slight amount of money, you decide to agree… Read More

Illegal Curb Painting?

Curb painting sounds like an easy business to get into, but there have been those who discovered that it was not as easy as it looked. In 2006, residents of Oakland, CA, discovered that they were lucky to not be in trouble. They received fliers in their mail boxes by a company that was offering… Read More

Curb Painting for the Work At Home Person

Not many people have the ability to work at home, but  few who do, find that it is like nothing else. They love being able to work in their pajamas or to take a few hours here and there to do their errands. One of the problems with having a home business, however, is that… Read More

A Helping Hand with Curb Painting

Often, curb painting and lettering seems as though it is very boring. It doesn’t look like something to get excited over, but in reality, it can be something that not only makes life easier, but that can help you out immensely. Curb painting: • Allows your delivery driver to see you. This way if you… Read More

Curb Painting – Background Colors

Have you ever put black against gray? It is a bit noticeable, but may be hard to see, especially if you’re looking at things that are stenciled. Here is a frequent scenario: A homeowner decides that he wants to have some curb painting done in front of his house, to make it easier for his… Read More

Curb Painting: The Complete Package?

There are a few websites online that are not advertising selling the “complete package necessary for curb painting”. This package, on the outside, looks good. It often includes differently sized stencils, paint, and some ideas as to how to go about painting your curb. There is, however, a problem with this. Curb painting is not… Read More

Recreational Curb Painting? Not a Good Idea

Curb painting is a brilliant idea. It allows people to see exactly where your house is, making it easily identifiable for not only the 911 crews who may have to find your house, but also for any delivery crews who are going to be dropping things off at your residence. It is especially a good… Read More

Curb Painting Saves You Money, Time, and Frustration

Have you ever had a package that was supposed to be delivered Fed Ex or UPS go missing? Have you had a friend try to drive to your home in order to pick you up to bring you to work who was delayed because they were unable to find your home? If you live in… Read More

All Houses Look Alike? Try Curb Painting

Do you live in a place where all the houses look alike? This is one of the latest trends in the housing market – to create cookie-cutter homes that all look alike so that you can sell them more cheaply. This can be a great alternative for someone who is looking to buy an affordable… Read More

Curb Painting as an Easy Business Venture?

If you’ve been searching for curb painting online, you likely have seen that there are plenty of websites out there who claim that you can begin curb painting as an easy and profitable business venture. They say on these websites that it is an easy business to begin, and that it requires little capital, or… Read More

Curb Painting and Your Home Business

With the gas prices steadily rising, many people are finding that it is more cost effective to work from home. They set up their business at home and begin to work, only to discover soon after that some of their co-workers, bosses, and even clients are having a difficult time finding their house! This is… Read More