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Asphalt Deterioration Maintenance During Hard Times – A Consideration.

The Stages of Asphalt Deterioration

If you have or manage or own a asphalt parking lot in Southern California then you probably already know how expensive asphalt is to lay down.  At upwards of 1.00 to 4.00 dollars per square foot, asphalt is one of the single most costly items to install or repair on your property. With this in mind it is important for a property professional to keep maintenance up on their parking lots on an annual basis.  By seal coating and doing minimal property asphalt repairs to the asphalt once a year you greatly reduce the chances of having to do a major asphalt repair .  Take a look at your asphalt to see the what stage of damage has occurred.

Stage #1  Total Asphalt Failure

If your asphalt has become brittle and large cracks are starting to appear then you may need asphalt replacement. Once this type of damage occurs water can then permeate through the cracks, and that’s when the bad stuff really occurs. Once water is allowed to get below the surface of the asphalt massive damage can take place.

Stage #2  Advanced Asphalt Deterioration

If your asphalt parking lot has fine cracks and a worn surface, than this is where you must act to stop the true damage from occurring.  At this point in the asphalts life span you can avoid a lot of potential cost by doing some asphalt crack filling and seal-coating the parking lot with a couple of coats of slurry seal.

Stage #3  Minimal Asphalt Damage

If your asphalt driveways are smooth and have a slightly faded seal coat, this is the ideal time to get the asphalt re-sealed and re-striped. This is by far the least expensive way to keep the big damage from occurring.

There are many stages in the total life span of asphalt. So take some time to look at your parking lot asphalt  and make an evaluation. Then give us a call and we will come out to discuss your options. Trueline understands that budgets cuts and services are making things tough all over so lets up come up with a smart approach to keeping your asphalt in top shape.

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