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Budgeting painting of stripes

Maintenance of the parking lots should be high on the agenda of the parking lot manager. Since the number of vehicles frequented is higher in the parking lot than anywhere else, instructions and guidance to the motorists should be to high standards. Basically, the experience of the motorists should be user friendly. In an effort to achieve this motive, the parking lot manager should make sure that everything is in order. Parking lot painting and writing down the instructions in the parking lot are also in the job description of the parking lot manager. However, before taking up painting, ensure that there is an adequate budget.

The budget for parking lot painting depends on the level of maintenance of the parking lot as sought by the manager. Since the entire parking lot has to be maintained routinely, there is a separate minor budget set aside for the purpose. However, the main program involving the maintenance, which happens at least three times a year, should have special budget allocation. Since much of the budgetary allocation goes towards the paint, it is necessary to have a check and balance. Do not waste paint unnecessarily while maintaining the parking lot. Do not use multiple colors as it could result in cost escalation. Stick to standard colors in the parking lots.