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Avoiding Harm with Truncated Domes

If you’re thinking about redoing your parking lot area, you may want to think about adding some truncated domes. Truncated domes are also known as tactile paving, and are, basically, patterned and raised inserts that are placed in specific locations in your parking lot, allowing those who have visual impairments to be able to navigate around your parking lot more quickly.

For instance, if you have an area where the pavement slopes down, you may want to add in a sloped truncated dome. This will allow the impaired person to know that there is a change in the grade of the pavement. Or, on the other hand, if your parking lot and your sidewalk are the same level, a long length of tactile paving can help a blind person to know where the sidewalk ends and the parking lot begins, helping them to avoid getting in the way of a moving vehicle. Truncated domes can also be a great asset in a parking garage, where they can help a visually impaired person to feel the difference between the parking lot area and the sidewalk, or any other area in the parking garage that may be a different level.