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Automation of the parking lot striping process

A few years back,  it was common habit to see road workers tediously drawing in the outline of the lines that separated the parking spots in a lot. In fact, even today we still see workers using this same practice to mark parking lots. But parking lot striping has evolved too like every other type of job we do. No longer does it have to be as tedious a job as it was even a few years back. No longer would you have to carefully measure the lines before you could proceed to paint them. And even better, no longer would you have to redo a job because of poor quality painting techniques.

A neat parking lot is as important as having a well designed parking lot. So the last thing that we would wish to see is fuzzy lines or curvy lines where nice solid lines should have been. Automated machines have now taken the place of the laborer on his knees in the sweltering heat tediously painting a strip. Instead, these machines are easily rolled along and the strips are automatically sprayed painted with the exact desired width that you want. Clean lines and a faster job is what parking lot striping is all about now.